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Why Winter is the Best Season for Hair Removal

Why Winter is the Best Season for Hair Removal

winter hair removalIt’s winter, which – for many – means letting it all hang loose. We’re talking about unwanted hair! According to 90% of our clientele, shaving is the most bothersome, time consuming beauty task. First of all, most of them have to do it every day – and you know what happens when you’re in a rush! Nicks, cuts and regrowth itch are just some of the reasons why we hate shaving. To add insult to injury, the costs of shaving products can also add up over time.

Don’t wait until the warmer weather of spring rolls around before you start thinking about hair removal, because then it will be too late to start a course of laser hair removal. If you leave it until spring or summer, you will have to choose between shaving, hair removal creams, waxing, or staying out of the sun.

For Best Results, Opt for Wintertime Laser Hair Removal

It’s best to book your laser hair removal sessions for winter, when you won’t be in the sun as much. Ideally, there should be no sun exposure for four weeks prior to your treatment, and not sun for two weeks after, due to the nature of the lasers being used.

Some lasers work better when the skin is light, as they seek out the dark pigment in the hair, and pose less of a risk to the surrounding skin. Other types of lasers are not as sensitive to the pigment, so they can be used on slightly darker skin tones, but they will typically require more sessions.

If there is not much difference between the color of the skin and the hair, the laser may not be able to tell the difference and therefore, it may pose a risk for complications. Skin that contains more than the natural pigment from tanning or self-tanning lotion, is at risk for scarring or burning.

Important Factors to Remember Regarding Laser Hair Removal

The success of your laser hair removal course depends on the efficacy of each individual session and that all depends on a few important factors.

1. Light Skin + Dark Hair = Perfect Combination

The bigger the contrast between the hair color and skin color, the better. Dark skin with blond hair, or light skin with dark hair work best. We can use different lasers or hair darkening solutions to deal with absorption difficulties, but some hair and skin types may require more sessions.

2. No Tanning Before and After

To avoid skin damage or blotches, it’s best to stay out of the sun during your treatment. Laser hair removal usually requires multiple treatment sessions, set a week or two apart to ensure proper coverage.

3. Aftercare is Key

After treatment, you may notice hair growth at the treatment site. These new hairs will fall out, so do resist the urge to tweeze them. Also avoid any perfumes, dyes and products containing alcohol in the week after your session.

Bradford Skin Clinic and Med Spa prides itself on mastering the latest in laser hair removal techniques and technology. We use the latest safety standards to bring you highly effective treatments that help improve on your natural beauty. Get in touch with us today to learn more about laser hair removal or to book an assessment.