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Valentine’s Day

heartsValentine’s Day is claimed to be made up of many different legends. Which St. Valentine the pope intended to honour is a mystery to this day. There were three different St. Valentine’s that were maryted on February 14th and is believed by some that the pope chose this specific day to honour all three of them.

Valentine’s Day was not originally intended to be about love. An english poet was the first person to link this special day with romance. It is also believed in France and England that February 14th is the beginning of birds mating season.

It has been an ongoing legend ever since the 14th century and is celebrated in several different countries around the world.

What is Love?

Love is a very unique feeling experienced by individuals. It can be described as an intense feeling of deep affection, passion and romance. It’s where unconditional kindness and devotion are shared between two people with absoultely no limitations or conditions.

It’s where you are able to trust another person with your deepest feelings and someone you would do absolutely anything for. Love is a feeling that warms people’s heart and leaves them with feelings of happiness, peacefulness, security and sincerity.

A word of advice from The Bradford Skin Clinic Team, “If you find love, do not let it go. Cherish every single day with your loved ones as if it was your last.”