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TriFractional Technology for Exceptional Scar Removal

Bradford Skin Clinic will help restore your confidence


TriFractional scar removalWhen skin is injured, a fibrous scar tissue forms over the wound. Although it consists of the same tissue that it replaces, the collagen protein has a different fiber composition. Unlike normal skin with its random basket weave formation, scar tissue forms pronounced, one-directional cross-links.


Unlike original skin tissue, scar tissue does not regenerate itself. There are four different types of scars, each with its own characteristics.


Acne Scars: There are several different kinds of acne scars, some deep and pitted and others wavelike or angular. These scars form once active acne has ceased.

Keloid Scars: When the healing process is overly aggressive, scars end up larger than the size of the original injury.

Hypertrophic Scars: These red, raised scars are similar to keloid scars above, but they do not appear larger than the original injury site.

Contracture Scars: Resulting from burns, these scars pull on the edges of the skin, causing tightness.


Acne scars often remain long after the acne is gone. Although it is common, it can affect a person’s confidence. The good news is that TriFractional Technology can restore your skin and renew your confidence.


Fractional Resurfacing at Bradford Skin Clinic & Med Spa


The caring, professional therapists at Bradford Skin Clinic & Med Spa help people reduce and remove scars daily using TriFractional Technology from Pollogen.


Pollogen’s complete anti-aging solution, TriLipoMed uses three pulses for deeper penetration and it:


uses electrode pins applied to the treatment area.

energy delivered to the electrode pins creates micro wounds.

enables effective, deep fractional skin resurfacing.

triggers the body’s natural healing response,  neocollagenesis, to create healthy skin tissue.

enables unaffected areas to become healing centers.


TriFractional uses three pulse fractional technology to provide safe and effective skin resurfacing with minimal downtime and discomfort. Pollogen’s new TriFractional Technology is clinically proven to help improve the texture of older scars while reducing newer scars.


Pulse 1 – Ablation Pulse


The first application is a micro-ablative pulse that ablates epidermic spots of pin-point size.


Pulse 2 – Heating Pulse


The second pulse penetrates and heats the skin.


Pulse 3 – Deep Heating Pulse


The deepest pulse penetrates and heats the mid-dermis.


Reduce Fat, Tighten Skin With TriPollar Radiofrequency Technology


The TriPollar radiofrequency system uses three applications in a single treatment to deliver fat and cellulite reduction and skin tightening in a single treatment.


Bradford Skin Clinic uses the latest Trifractional technology, applied by qualified medical skin therapists. All treatments are performed in our clean clinic with its relaxing, warm atmosphere. Click here: to see Owner Mia Liefso”s video about the clinic’s vision.  Call today for more information or to book your complimentary skin assessment with our Medical Skin Therapist at (905)775-SKIN (7546) or email at info@bradfordskinclinic.com. We have online booking and gift certificates!