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Teen Acne

Adolescent Skin

At the Bradford Skin Clinic, we know exactly what is required in order for helping teens overcome their acneic skin condition.  We combine medical grade services with medical grade products in order to receive optimal results.
zyderma teen acne

We offer Medical Peels at the clinic, which are responsible for exfoliating the dead layers of skin and tackling the substances that are creating the acne.  In junction with Peels, we offer Laser Acne Clearance, which targets the bacterial component of the acne and destroys it.

We have created specific two-step homecare regime that teens are responsible for following every morning and evening.  The first product is a mud soap, which is derived directly from the Dead Sea in Israel.  The mud soap is used to remove bacteria, oil and debris off the surface of the skin.  In junction with the mud soap, teens use a product called Zyderma, which is a clarifying cream.  It contains micro silver and tackles the bacteria, fungus and virus; the components in which make up acne.
We use the latest Gold Standard Technology at our clinic and an affordable Medical Grade Skin Care Line.  We are able to give you the results you have been waiting for.  Feel free to call and book yourself a complimentary expert skin consultation.  It is at that very moment that your journey to healthier looking skin will begin.



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