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If you are looking for a Newmarket Skin Clinic and Rosacea Treatment in Newmarket you have probably reached this page. Bradford Skin Clinic & Med Spa offers expert rosacea treatment to a discerning clientele in a wide surrounding area of Simcoe County including Newmarket residents. Under the ownership and management of the highly qualified and rosacea treatment in newmarketpassionate Mia Liefso, the skin clinic offers a wide range of cosmetic treatments, medical aesthetics, skin therapy and laser technology, as well as rosacea treatment.

If you are self-conscious about redness, painful skin and pain in your eyes and eyelids, Bradford Skin Clinic & Med Spa can assist. Trained therapists offer a combination of quality skin care products and laser treatments to target rosacea and to dramatically reduce the frequency and severity of outbreaks.

The symptoms of rosacea include skin redness and swelling, flushing and blushing, spider-like blood vessels, red nose, acne-like sores that crust and ooze, a sensation of stinging or burning, and skin thickening. Rosacea can also affect the eyes, a condition that is called ocular rosacea, which results in watery, irritated and bloodshot eyes.


Rosacea Treatment Newmarket

Bradford Skin Clinic & Medical Spa specializes in rosacea treatment and uses a two-pronged approach to combat the condition. Treatment includes specialized skin care products known to alleviate the condition and laser photo rejuvenation, which uses UltraPulse Variable Pulsed Light (VPL) which combats the red spots and small veins.  VPL also stimulates the production of collagen to result in smaller pores, a smoother skin texture and fewer fine lines and wrinkles.

Most patients see a significant result after three to five treatments, and ongoing use of Priori skin care products help keep rosacea at bay through deep hydration, collagen stimulation and re-texturizing the skin.

Bradford Skin Clinic & Med Spa’s rosacea treatment close to Newmarket offers you the opportunity to live life without rosacea.