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We believe it’s important to earn your confidence before you consider booking a treatment. The more you learn about Bradford Skin Clinic, our treatments and our products, the more comfortable you will feel making decisions on what is best for you. Our staff provide honest, expert advice and treatment recommendations.

Preparing for a Happy Valentine’s Day

valentines day fire and iceThe legend of Valentine’s day dates back centuries, to a time when three different St. Valentine’s were martyred on February 14th. The pope decided to honour them on this day. In later years, an English poet decided to link the day to love, because the date signifies the onset of the birds’ mating season in England and France.

Lovers around the world have since embraced the opportunity to express their love on Valentine’s day with chocolates, roses and stuffed teddy bears. It is a truly wonderful day for those who are in love!


Valentine’s Day: The Bradford Skin Clinic Way

Life is busy. We’re always rushing around from one commitment to the next. In a way, we’re showing our love to our families, friends and even our jobs, as we selflessly place all of that ahead of ourselves. At the end of the day, many women can barely muster up the energy to rinse their makeup off before falling into bed.

If you often place yourself at the bottom of your priority list, perhaps it’s time to show yourself some love this Valentine’s day.


Start Fresh This Valentine’s Day


Let the therapists at Bradford Skin Clinic & Med Spa show you how to love your skin. The bonus – you will look fantastic on your big night.

Short on time? We know how life can get in the way of regular visits to the Skin Clinic and that’s why we offer a range of dermatologist-approved skin care products. Exclusive to skin clinics, dermatologists and medical spas, our line offers a higher concentration of potent A-grade ingredients that deliver more impactful results, quicker.

It is our goal to work with the most advanced anti-aging technologies available in the industry.  We provide our patients with choices that best suit their individual needs, personal skincare goals and lifestyles.

See our full Product Line and More information on what we offer at Bradford Skin Clinic.

The iS CLINICAL range provides everything you need to:

  1. Cleanse
  2. Treat
  3. Hydrate
  4. Protect

Valentines Day Special: See our Valentines Day Promotion! Our iS Clinical Fire & Ice resurfacing peel, also known as the Hollywood Red Carpet facial is popular among celebrities, including Halle Berry and Gwyneth Paltrow is very popular due to the fact that it involves no downtime. Book a lunchtime session and walk out with fresh, clear skin. See the video from The Doctors TV Show on the Fire & Ice treatment!

Other great products:

Try our medical grade facial peels to remove damaged layers of skin, smoothing out texture and leaving behind a supple, renewed and luminous complexion. At Bradford Skin Clinic we believe in quality skin care products and treatments including Advanced Dermal Peels which offers the most technologically advanced anti-aging line on the market today. This range helps fight sun damage, eczema, acne and aging and leaves your skin radiant, supple, and renewed. Mesopeel is the most advanced range of specific chemical peels. It uses high quality ingredients and offers progressive efficacy, versatility and adaptability for immediately visible and progressive results.

Start fresh with a AFA gel peel, which target a variety of conditions, including sun damage, uneven texture, pigmentation, aging skin, and mild acne. Gel peels are perfect for first time users.

Zyderma™ HS is a specially prepared formula that uses micronized silver – a pure & natural antimicrobial cleanser – that is scientifically proven to provide a long-lasting antimicrobial barrier to a broad spectrum of skin straining micro-organisms that can all lead to problem skin.

Dead Sea products are imported directly from Israel. Mineral rich skincare is ideal for skin conditions like eczema. Also, a complete line of proven acne products are ideal for any level of acne for any age, especially effective for teens!

The right med spa can tailor a program to suit your needs, and leave you looking younger than you have in years. And in the hands of a medical professional, you can feel confident about your results. If you’re after the latest proven solutions lasting beautification, it may be time to upgrade.