Skin Tightening

As time goes by, environmental factors and gravity cause the skin to sag and develop age spots and wrinkles. With age, the metabolism starts slowing down and produces less structural fibers. We loose collagen fibers at a rate of 1-3% every year making our skin wrinkled, sag, thin and transparent. Gravity pulls down our muscles giving us the “Bulldog face”. Thankfully, Pollogen now offers a non-invasive solution to help restore plumpness and elasticity to your skin, with instant, visible results.

What is Pollogen TriLipo Skin Tightening?

Pollogen’s skin tightening solutions have been clinically proven to help restore and rejuvenate facial skin, leaving it looking smoother and feeling tighter.

Suitable for all skin types, the procedures are non-invasive and clinically proven to renew collagen. The treatment will lift, tone and firm the skin using Rf energy and muscle activation technology, this leads to a thicker dermal layer and stronger muscles to reduce the appearance of aging skin by about 10 years. You will have enhanced blood circulation and oxygenation. This procedure is painless, quick and easy walk in – walk out treatment and will not impact on your daily routine.

TriLipo Collagen Renewal

Aged skin Aged skin with weakened collagen fibers and limited fibroblast activity
TriLipo RF treatment Collagen fibers heated during TriLipo RF treatment. Heat causes fibers to
immediately contract
tight skin Immediate results: smoother, tight skin, following first treatment
stimulated fibroblasts produce new collagen Long term results: stimulated fibroblasts produce new collagen



We treat the following areas;
Full Face, Neck, Mummy Tummy, arms, thighs, hands.

Before and After - Neck

Pollogen recommends a series of 6 treatments for best results. Maintenance treatments every 3-4 months for long lasting results.

Is Pollogen Skin Tightening for me?

The multi-functioning treatments are effective in treating a range of facial and body skin conditions, including:

Poor skin tone/Sagging skin: Collagen and elastin help support the skin, and when the skin no longer produces enough of these fibers, the skin loses firmness. Such as Neck area, jowels, mummy tummy, upper arms and thighs.

icon Facial skin tightening IMMEDIATELY after 1 treatment

TriLipo Results

Pollogen in house collection

Static wrinkles: Skin creases that are visible all the time without changing appearance with facial movements.

Dynamic wrinkles: Expression lines which appear as folds and are deepened by expressions and facial movements.

Scars: Injuries and acne can cause scars that appear to have raised borders or be pitted. In some cases, it can cause discoloration, or give the skin a wavy appearance.

How Does Pollogen Skin Tightening Work?

Pollogen’s effective technology is a safe way to restore firmness and elasticity that has been lost through environmental factors, lifestyle choices, genetics, weight fluctuations, pregnancy and more.

Pollogen Skin Tightening works through applying radio frequency energy to heat the skin, and muscle activation causing the collagen fibers to contract, resulting in immediate tightening of the skin.

Through heat stimulation, the fibroblast cells are activated to produce more collagen.

How Effective is Pollogen Skin Tightening?

The treatment is painless, non-invasive and simple, and it yields immediate skin tightening. It offers long-term skin rejuvenation, particularly when the proper series of treatments is completed.


Skin Tightening Results:

Arm Tightening

Before and After Skin Tightening

Before and After Legs