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Mirror Mirror on the Wall, What’s the Deepest Melasma of Them All?

melasma pigmentation deep skin layersDid you know that the visible pigmentation on the surface of your skin, is often much more serious in the deeper layers of your skin?  Mia Liefso of Bradford Skin Clinic & Med Spa weighed in on this question, which many patients are struggling with.

“It is true, in many cases, that pigmentation damage in the deeper skin layers, is not visible on the surface.” she explains. “As we age, our skin loses its resilience, and as skin cell turnover slows down, and the damage becomes more visible.” That’s why the professional skin therapists at Bradford Skin Clinic promote healthy skin maintenance for patients who want to maintain youthful skin for longer.


How Deep Does Melanin Go?


The skin contains a dermis (deeper layers) and epidermis, which is the upper layer of skin, and melanin can be found in both layers. The specific cause will determine the depth of the excess melanin.


It is harder to treat melasma than sun damage, and both conditions require both professional treatments and rigorous home care.


Melasma Prevention


Do you have brown spots on your jawline, upper lip, cheeks and forehead? As we age, light and hormones trigger melanocytes, the pigment responsible for the growth of brown cells. Hormone replacement therapy and oral contraceptives are also responsible for this.


Melasma usually becomes more visible when the skin starts losing collagen and hydration, starting when we reach the age of thirty five. That’s why it becomes critical to apply sunscreen and antioxidants to the skin every day, even for people as young as twenty-five.  A good retinoid product a few nights a week is also a good preventative measure. In addition to keeping your skin looking younger for longer, this routine will help prevent skin cancer.


Melasma Treatment & Prevention


Taking care of your skin is the number one way to keep it smooth and glowing. There are products that can help remove discoloration to give the skin a somewhat lighter appearance. However, in order to address the DNA-driven skin discoloration in the deeper layers of skin, you need restorative care, which will restore your skin’s youthfulness and resilient elasticity.


  • Choose a quality SPF 30+ sunscreen with zinc and use it daily.
  • Wear a wide-brim hat when you’re outdoors.
  • Speak to your doctor about a contraceptive that does not produce as much estrogen.
  • Speak to your dermatologist about prescription bleaching creams.
  • Book a series of light peels or photo facials to help reduce discoloration.
  • Use products that contain ingredients to stop new pigment from being made in your skin.

Corrective treatment will help to even out your skin tone by removing superficial melanin. Speak to Bradford Skin Clinic and Med Spa about the best options for your unique skin care needs.