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Lip Fillers

Lip FillersIf there’s one thing we truly admire about the leading ladies of the silver screens and the magazines, it’s their plump lips. A full lip is a great way to boost not only your beauty and appearance, but also your confidence.

Instead of trying dangerous social media fads, consider lip fillers. Professional lip augmentation involves filler injections that increase the volume, symmetry and shape of your lip in order to soften your appearance.

How Do Lip Fillers Work?

Lip FillersWhen you visit Bradford Skin Clinic and Med Spa for your YouthFX lip fillers, nurse Marie Nieminen will help you achieve your goal. Marie has 29 years of medical experience in the cosmetic injectable industry.

Lip fillers typically don’t require pre-treatment or general anesthesia, but if you don’t like needles, a dab of numbing cream will prevent any discomfort.

Marie will inject your lip using a thin needle after establishing the most suitable hyaluronic acid lip filler for your needs. The procedure takes only five to ten minutes, but we recommend that you relax at the clinic with an ice-pack for a few minutes to minimize any bruising or swelling.

We will also provide after-care instructions to make the most of your lip fillers.

A single treatment can last up to nine months, after which the hyaluronic acid will be completely absorbed and digested by your body. For best results, we recommend top-up treatments at six-month intervals.

Restore your youth and beauty with lip fillers by Marie at Bradford Skin Clinic and Med Spa. Call us today and let our highly experienced staff help you determine the best treatments for your needs.