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IPL VS a True Laser Hair Removal System

Weighing up your permanent hair removal options


IPL vs Laser Hair RemovalWhen clients come to Bradford Skin Clinic, they are often surprised to learn that there is a difference between IPL and laser hair removal.  Laser hair removal making use of a system such as Mediostar is safer, and is really the only suitable tool for hair removal. This PAIN FREE laser is amongst the fastest in the world and the results are amazing.

IPL hair removal is a multifunctional platform. It has different wands (hand pieces) that target different treatments including pigmentation, broken capillaries and collagen building. IPL platforms are cheaper than true lasers, which makes it affordable enough for most spas to buy in order to offer different treatments.  


True laser machines on the other hand require a significant investment, and spas have to save up for several years to afford it. We at Bradford Skin Clinic and Med Spa acquired our Mediostar laser machine in June 2017 and have had excellent results. We do still have our IPL machine, and continue using it for our redness, pore reducing, capillaries and pigmentation clients.


Before you embark on a treatment plan, be sure to clarify whether the clinic offers lasers or IPL for hair removal.


Laser Hair Removal vs IPL Hair Reduction


Both laser and IPL treatment involves light energy, which is absorbed into dark hair pigments. The light damages hair follicles and ultimately destroys the root in order to reduce future hair growth.


Laser offers three unique properties in that:


  • It is chromatic. Light emissions are of one color (wavelength), whereas ordinary white light combines multiple colors or wavelengths.
  • It is collimated, which means the waves are divergent and parallel, which makes it potent. Almost all the light emitted can effectively be used in hair reduction treatments.
  • It is coherent, so it does not cancel itself out – unlike ordinary light.


Lasers can therefore be used to selectively target a specific chromophore. In the case of hair removal, it targets melanin. Thanks to these unique properties, laser can deeply penetrate the target without being absorbed by other chromophores. Laser – when applied by a professional therapist – will not damage surrounding tissues.


Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Hair Removal


It is important to note that IPL is not laser at all. An IPL device will produce a broad spectrum of wavelengths (500-1000 nm), much like a light bulb. It cannot be concentrated or focused into a beam, and it does not selectively target chromophores.


Due to the wide range of wavelengths distributed at different depths, not all of the light is effectively absorbed into the hair follicles. Therefore, IPL is less effective for hair removal.


While IPL treatment sessions may be much cheaper than laser, it is less effective. You will need many more sessions of IPL to obtain the same result as you would with laser. Since a laser pulse takes only a fraction of a second, you can easily treat multiple hairs simultaneously.


IPL can cause damage to darker skin types, whereas a laser machine can be adjusted to suit specific skin tones and hair colors. Laser can therefore safely treat several skin colors while selectively targeting coarse or dark hair without damaging the surrounding areas.


Many of our Mediostar permanent laser hair removal clients achieve optimal results of as much as 80% after only 4-8 treatments.


Make the better choice when it comes to IPL vs true laser permanent hair removal. Choose Mediostar. Read more on Mediostar here: