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Introducing the Bradford Skin Clinic for Teens

Good Skin Care Tips for Teens

Teen Acne Tips

teen acne tips
Spots, blemishes and acne… Remind me again why I couldn’t wait to be a teen? At some point, we’ve all suffered from pimples or acne. But for teens, it can be a social stigma that can have larger consequences. Here at Bradford Skin Clinic we have not forgotten what it’s like to deal with teen skin issues and that’s why we have an entire area that is dedicated specifically to skin care for teens.

Introducing the Bradford Skin Clinic for Teens

Open to teenagers who come to our clinic alone or teens with parents; the Bradford Skin Clinic for Teens is a fantastic resource choc-full of information about skin care for teens.

“We focus on three different areas,” states Mia Liefso, owner of the Bradford Skin Clinic. “We cover acne, general skin care for teens including make-up arts and, of course, sun care. I really emphasize with teens the importance of protecting skin from the sun when you are young.”

Mia understands how acne can affect a teen and she identifies it as a social problem which affects teens emotionally as well as physically.

Skin Care Issues That Affect Teens

While the exact cause of acne is unknown, there are definite factors that make a person more prone to acne than someone else. Hormones such as testosterone factor in causing acne when a teen’s hormones first start to stimulate the sebaceous glands.

A young woman’s menstrual period can also worsen acne, and this is also associated with hormonal changes.

Oil-based makeup and some sunscreens can cause the sebaceous glands to be blocked, which can worsen acne.

“But that’s not a reason to not use sun screen when you’re a teen,” emphasizes Liefso. “It’s a matter of finding the right product for your skin.”

Teens take note: Products that work for your mother may not necessarily work for you. Skin has differing needs at different ages and life stages.

Teen Skin Care & Acne Myths

“There are so many myths around acne,” states Liefso.

Most notably, people believe that acne is a result of heredity, bad diet or bacterial infection. A person becomes stigmatized when others believe that acne is contagious, or worse, that acne is related to poor hygiene.

“The myths are endless and are based on old wives’ tales rather than scientific information,” concludes Liefso.

The teen skin clinic is there to help teenagers transition through a difficult period of their lives. The clinic was started, according to Mia Liefso, because, “Puberty is difficult enough without acne or other skin problems.”

Treating Your Teen Skin Troubles

Here at Bradford Skin Clinic for Teens, we know exactly how to get rid of your spots.

Zyderma: A fantastic spot treatment, Zyderma uses micro silver, which is a natural antibacterial agent.

Medical Peels: We offer Gel Peels or Priori peels and recommend them every 4-6 weeks.

Daily Skin Care: We recommend proper daily skin care routines for teens. Routines should consist of cleansing, exfoliation (1-3 times a week), tone, weekly mask and daily moisturization and SPF application.

IPL Bleu Light: Intense Pulse Light is a superficial IPL treatment that targets the bacteria in acne and destroys it.

Hormonal acne usually occurs on the chin. You can help eliminate this by exfoliating more during the week before your period and using a mask. We stock the Priori range that includes face and body scrub that will help eliminate breakouts and heal your skin without drying it out.

Visit the Bradford Skin Clinic at www.bradfordskinclinic.ca for more information on teen skin care