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Hyperpigmentation: Understanding it & reducing its appearance

Hyperpigmentation: Understanding it & reducing its appearance

hyperpigmentationDoes your skin appear darker in some places than in others? You could well have hyperpigmentation – a skin condition whereby hormones, sunlight, acne or trauma causes the skin to produce too many cells. Hyperpigmentation can also be genetic.

The Science Behind Hyperpigmentation

Hyperpigmentation does not just happen. It is a 3-step process that occurs over many years.

  1. The Trigger

When the skin is injured by one of the triggers above (most commonly UV exposure), it sends a signal to the melanocyte-stimulating hormone, letting it know that the skin needs backup from  Tyrosine, a protective enzyme.

  1. Melanin Production

Once Tyrosine is activated, it signals the melanocyte cells to start producing melanin, and to build them into melanosomes (pigment granules).

  1. Melanosome Distribution

Once the melanosomes are activated, they are distributed upward to the outer layers of skin, where they partner with neighboring cells. It can take up to 30 years before the melanocytes reach the skin surface and become visible.

Most people start noticing pigmentation when they reach middle-age or menopause.  While the condition is harmless, for some, it is a dead giveaway that ageing has you in its icy grips. Thank goodness there are ways in which hyperpigmentation can be treated.

Bradford Skin Clinic Can Help With Combating Hyperpigmentation

Here at Bradford Skin Clinic, we offer a variety of medical procedures and skin care products that can help to reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation. Results vary by severity or damage, the amount of treatments required for optimal reduction of hyperpigmentation.

Tyrosine-Inhibitor as an Effective Hyperpigmentation Treatment

A high quality Tyrosine Inhibitor is a key ingredient in medical grade products, as it helps prevent future damage. By preventing the enzyme from being stimulated, the melanocytes will not be signaled to produce pigment.

The therapists at Bradford Skin Clinic believe that prevention is always better than cure, which is why we encourage all our clients to make sunblock an essential part of their skin care routine. Apply sunblock daily, and if you’re spending the day outside, reapply every two hours.

Not sure which product to use? Ask your therapist, as Bradford Skin Clinic carries only pharmaceutical grade products with the most beneficial ingredients.

Recent studies showed how inflammation and dehydration injures the skin and speeds up the aging process, and can therefore worsen hyperpigmentation. As part of our holistic treatment procedure, we also offer a range of medical grade chemical peels to help target various skin conditions. Our hyperpigmentation treatment peels include lightening acids with hydrating properties to produce optimal results without any harm or downtime.

Let your journey to healthy-looking skin start with Bradford Skin Clinic. We have the experience and the tools needed to bring you the best results. Call or visit the clinic today to book your treatment sessions. Bradford Skin Clinic; The Home For Beautiful Skin.