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Dry Skin this Winter?

Coping With Dry Skin This Winter

Dry Skin Winter
This year, winter seems endless, and here at Bradford Skin Clinic, we’re getting an increased number of new clients looking for a solution to dry, sensitive skin. Of course, many people suffer from dry skin in winter, but when the face, feet and hands become tight, flakey and cracking, it’s a sign that you need help, before it leads to eczema (inflamed skin).

“Indoor heat tends to dry out the skin, no matter what type of indoor heat you use. You need to stay warm, but it’s also important to take care of your skin.” says Mia Liefso, owner of Bradford Skin Clinic.

Here are some great ways to combat dry skin this winter:


Get a New Moisturizer

The moisturizer you use in spring or summer may not necessarily work as well in winter. We suggest you switch to a dry skin skin care system in winter. Products that are oil-based provide a protective layer on the skin, helping it to retain more moisture.

Remember that your hands have fewer oil glands, so you need to apply cream to keep them moist.


Remember Sunscreen

Winter sun can still cause damage to your skin, so continue to wear sunscreen, even in winter. Don’t forget your hands!


Keep Your Clothes Dry

In winter, socks and gloves get wet. Not only is that cold and uncomfortable, but it can cause your skin to itch and crack and sores to form. After gym, take a shower and get into dry clothes right away.


Keep the Air Moist

Space heaters and central heating systems send dry air into your home or office, leading to dry eyes and dry skin. Switch on the humidifier to help prevent your skin from drying out.


Treat Your Feet

Take advantage of winter by treating your feet too moisturizing masks, and exfoliate them regularly to slough off dead skin. This will help moisturizers to be more effective.


Easy on Chemicals

Harsh facial treatments such as microdermabrasion,  and astringents or alcohol-based toners are best avoided in winter. Stick with “deeply hydrating” products instead.

Enzyme peels are safe and very effective in the winter months as they introduce moisture back into the skin.


Avoid Steamy Baths

While it is soothing after a cold day, it is best to avoid long, hot baths and showers, which tend to lead to moisture loss. Instead, just have a warm bath and apply moisturizer periodically.


Seek Expert Advice

Salespeople are not always trained to offer the best advice, and are often motivated to punt the most expensive products. Rather visit a dermatologist or esthetician who is trained to analyze your skin and provide effective solutions on the best regimen for your skin type.

Try Sheald Recovery Balm

Sheald Recovery Balm offers a number of nourishing, soothing and protective benefits to help you recover from dry skin this winter.

Recommended by doctors, this moisture-rich formula helps to replenish dry and sensitive skin dramatically. It contains curative botanicals to relieve itching and discomfort associated with distressed, dry skin.  It is safe to use immediately after both ablative and nonablative procedures, and the results have been astounding when used on post-procedure skin.

You don’t have to put up with dry, sensitive skin this winter. Stop by Bradford Skin Clinic and experience the Sheald difference today.