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Bradford Skin Clinic Offers New Hope for Rosacea Sufferers

Rosacea FAQsAlthough around 2 million Canadians and 14 million Americans have rosacea, most are blissfully unaware. The chronic disorder affects the skin, making it red and swollen with acne-like sores. Often confused with adult acne, it usually affects people intermittently, and it is most common in women over 30, although men tend to have more severe symptoms, which clears up in 48% of cases.

No direct links exist between rosacea and atopic eczema or skin cancer later in life. While there are common symptoms between rosacea and eczema, the latter is more common in people with dry skin. As for skin cancer, the fact that rosacea sufferers are usually light skinned and thus prone to UV radiation injury, is the more probable link.

Facial redness and swelling, flushing and blushing with a red nose, spider like blood vessels, acne-like sores, and skin thickening are some of the symptoms of rosacea. In many cases, rosacea starts as a spot on a small part of the face before it spreads. The condition may present differently for each individual and the severity may vary from person to person. Around half of all rosacea sufferers have dry skin and treatment can help to ease both that and the pustules and papules.

Common in fair-skinned people, rosacea almost always affects only the face.

While there’s no serological or histological test to confirm rosacea, a doctor or dermatologist can confirm it after a thorough examination.

What Causes Rosacea?

According to leading medical website, WebMD, rosacea is triggered by spicy foods, alcohol, heavy exertions, stress, menopause, caffeine withdrawal, topical steroids, blood pressure drugs and certain opiate painkillers.

Since it is thought to be caused mainly by lifestyle and environmental factors, rosacea symptoms can be treated with the help of lifestyle modifications and medical therapy, while beauty clinics offer technologically advanced treatments to combat the damage caused by the redness, flaking, and itching. Combined with quality, nourishing skin care product, you can be free from itchy, flaky, red skin in no time.

How Can Rosacea Be Treated?

Due to the fact that the condition affects each individual differently, means that there is no single cure-all. Doctors frequently prescribe antibiotics, although the condition is not bacterial. They also use heart medication to deal with severe flushing and medications that contain azelaic acid, or sulfur.

At Bradford Skin Clinic, we understand that rosacea is unpleasant and that it can have a negative effect on your confidence – that’s why we offer a unique approach that targets the condition on two levels.

Bradford’s Holistic Approach to Rosacea

Since the condition is caused by lifestyle issues, we believe that we should approach it in a way that will improve it in the long term, rather than just offering a short term, superficial solution. We offer a two-pronged approach that consists of laser photo rejuvenation, and Priori skin care products.

About laser photo rejuvenation: This treatment uses UltraPulse Variable Pulsed Light (VPL) to treat red spots and small veins. The VPL light energy absorbs and removes blood vessels naturally. At the same time, VPL stimulates your body to produce more collagen, resulting in smaller pores and a smoother texture with fewer fine lines and wrinkles. This pain-free method can help get the condition under control in about 3-5 treatments.

About Priori skin care: All our clients who suffer from rosacea rave about Priori’s skin care range, which has a soothing moisturizer to deeply hydrate and retexturize your skin to stimulate collagen production.

Don’t let rosacea let you down. You can get the symptoms under control and look younger at the same time. Contact Bradford Skin Clinic & Med Spa by telephone at (905) 775-SKIN (7546) or by email at info@bradfordskinclinic.com today to discuss your options. With some of the most cutting-edge treatments and products at our disposal, you no longer need to handle rosacea on your own.