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  • Unlock Healthy, Glowing Summer Skin With Bradford Skin Clinic

    Unlock Healthy, Glowing Summer Skin With Bradford Skin Clinic


    tizo suntan lotionSummer’s here! The warmer weather means that you can enjoy all the outdoors activities you have been dreaming of for so many months. But there’s some bad news: Spending too much time in the sun leads to dark spots, wrinkles and skin cancer, unless you take pro-active steps to take care of your skin. Let’s look at some of the best ways for you to look after your skin this summer.


    1. Exfoliate


    Dead skin cells on the surface can cause congestion that inhibits hydration. Exfoliation can get rid of the skin dulling debris and help your skin to better absorb the hydration from your toner and moisturizer. It will also help your makeup to stay on longer.

    Exfoliate in the morning, before you apply your toner, moisturizer, sunscreen and makeup.


    1. Hydrate


    Use an intensive mask once or twice a week. Opt for a booster that can be layered underneath your moisturizer.


    1.  Tone


    Use a toner to refresh and help even out your skin’s porosity. You could carry a revitalizing toner in your handbag and use it whenever you need a refreshing lift.


    1. Replenish


    When the warm sunny days draw us outside, we become dehydrated from the inside. If you find yourself feeling dizzy or suffering from headaches, it’s time to step up your water intake.


    Drink at least eight 8-ounces of plain filtered water daily to help maintain your body’s critical moisture balance, which also affects the skin. Water aids detoxification. For every caffeinated beverage you drink, you have to drink twice the amount of water.


    1. Protect


    It’s not enough to apply sunscreen – you need to apply enough and frequently. According to several studies, most people don’t apply enough protection. You need to apply approximately a teaspoon full of sunscreen on your face and approximately a shot glass full on your body. Reapply sunscreen every two hours while you’re in the sun, and try to avoid direct sunlight between 11-3.


    Remember that a single blistering sunburn can double your risk of melanoma. Book a yearly skin examination by a dermatologist, and perform a monthly self-examination every month. Look for any changes in your skin or new growths that may signal malignant melanomas or carcinomas.


    1. Soothe


    It’s inevitable. You may forget to apply sunscreen, or you may not apply enough. The good news is that you don’t have to suffer. You can apply a soothing botanical or a cooling gel to help reduce redness and inflammation while preventing nasty peeling at the same time.


    Apply your soothing skin balm generously at the first sight of that pink glow.


    1. Repair


    Ultraviolet light results in photoaging, even when you don’t burn your skin. Sunlight strips the skin of barrier lipids, which leads to inflammation, the production of reactive oxygen molecules, collagen destructing enzymes and much more.


    While a tan may look good, it really is a sign of skin damage. Treat your skin to oodles of age-fighting ingredients to help repair damage and to protect your skin against the aging effects of UV rays.


    Bradford Skin Clinic – Your Skin’s Best Friend This Summer


    Call on Bradford Skin Clinic for an assessment and recommendations on the best ways to personalize your summer skincare regime. We use a multi-pronged approach to target your specific skin care needs.


    Speak to us about TiZO Age Defying Fusion Sunscreen, with  Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide particles that create a uniform layer of coverage on the skin, preventing UVA and UVB rays from reaching your skin. TiZO inhibits premature aging and free radical formation, both of which lead to fine lines and wrinkles. Best of all, TiZO is:


    • paraben free
    • fragrance free
    • oil free


    The formula slides onto your skin smoothly and is instantly absorbed, leaving no sticky, oily, or white residue. Safe for people with acne, eczema, psoriasis and photosensitive skin, it is recommended for use after post-cosmetic surgery and other facial procedures such as laser treatment, peels, and vibradermabrasion.


    Let us help you unlock summer skin today!



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