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  • Understanding Your Aging Skin

    As soon as we reach 35 years of age, our cell metabolism begins to slow down one percent each year.  Our collagen and elastin fibers continue to break down at a regular pace.  Due to our cell metabolism slowing down, both fibers are not replenished as quickly as they used to be and premature signs of aging begin to surface.

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  • What is Rosacea?

    what is rosaceaA common inflammatory skin disorder which often begins with redness appearing on the face-usually on the cheeks, nose, chin and forehead.

    The redness may gradually appear on the ears, chest, neck and eyes.  At first, the redness may come and go, but overtime, it can become more persistent, and visible blood vessels and tiny pimples may appear.  Some people may feel a burning or itching sensation on their face.

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  • Difference between a Medical Aesthetician and an Aesthetician

    What is the difference between a Medical Aesthetician and an Aesthetician?



    medical aesthetician

    Medical Aesthetician












    The esthetics industry has advanced and developed fairly quickly within the last decade, in that there are now several branches of specialties within the esthetics field.  The following article will focus on the differences between Medical Aestheticians and Aestheticians. Continue reading >

  • Professional Skin Therapist Apart from Beauty Consultants

    4 Things That Set Professional Skin Therapists Apart From Beauty Consultants

    Professional Skin Care Therapists vs Beauthy ConsultantsIn a world with so much possibility, there are infinite choices. It should be a good thing, provided you know how to make the right decision. More people are seeking home based employment opportunities, and with low entry requirements, it is easy to become anything, and many people opt to become Beauty Consultants, skin care consultants or advisors. Having a true passion for healthy skin and beauty, as well as a love for ongoing learning, the world is your oyster.

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  • Tis’ The Season For… Hair Removal

    Tis’ The Season For… Hair Removal

    hair removalSummer has come to an end and it has been brought to our attention through our clientele that the most bothersome beauty task that was required to be done every single day, was shaving.  Not only is shaving time consuming and unbearably itchy the following day as the new follicles begin to grow, but consumables can also become quite costly over the course of a year. Continue reading >