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  • Why Winter is the Best Season for Hair Removal

    Why Winter is the Best Season for Hair Removal

    winter hair removalIt’s winter, which – for many – means letting it all hang loose. We’re talking about unwanted hair! According to 90% of our clientele, shaving is the most bothersome, time consuming beauty task. First of all, most of them have to do it every day – and you know what happens when you’re in a rush! Nicks, cuts and regrowth itch are just some of the reasons why we hate shaving. To add insult to injury, the costs of shaving products can also add up over time.

    Don’t wait until the warmer weather of spring rolls around before you start thinking about hair removal, because then it will be too late to start a course of laser hair removal. If you leave it until spring or summer, you will have to choose between shaving, hair removal creams, waxing, or staying out of the sun. Continue reading >

  • Shave Years Off Your Appearance – Without Surgery

    years removed without surgeryAs years go by, traces of our life experiences are left on our skin. Laugh lines, worry lines, and sun exposure tell the story of your life. Add to that poor diet, smoking and stress, and you may well be looking much older than you feel. Would you like to know how you can shave approximately 16 years off your appearance – without surgery? Then keep on reading! Continue reading >

  • Dermal Fillers for Soft, Smooth, Wrinkle Free Skin

    Dermal FillersDermal fillers first made their mark back in 1981, using cosmetic collagen. Initially, bovine collagen was the only injectable filler on the market, however, today we have access to a range of new products at our disposal to smooth and shape all areas of the face including laugh lines, nasolabial folds, under-eye hollows and more.

    Continue reading >

  • Acne Chemical Peels: How they can help more than just blackheads

    acne treatment chemical peelsYou are what you eat. That’s why, as teenagers, we were warned to stay away from sugar and fatty foods. While it has been debated and new causes for acne discovered, you probably only care about getting rid of the acne and related scars. Over-the-counter zit zappers tend to dry out the skin, which further exacerbates acne outbreaks. Medical grade facial peels can offer fantastic results in the safety of a skin clinic, med spa or dermatologist’s office. Continue reading >

  • Milia Treatment

    How to get rid of those small white bumps from your skin


    milia treatmentMany people – even those who had great skin as teenagers – end up with small white bumps, known as milia, commonly on their cheeks. Milia are small, white cysts on your skin. Filled with keratin, these cysts occur when old, dead skin is trapped under the surface. They don’t look unsightly or as big as pimples, but they are there, and you may affect your confidence. Continue reading >