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  • IPL Near Me

    IPL Near MeGoogle, find a clinic that does IPL Near Me

    Are you looking for a client that does IPL in Simcoe County, Ontario? Bradford Skin Clinic and Med Spa often sees patients from Holland Landing, Aurora, Sharon Barrie Orillia and other areas who travel to the clinic for superior permanent hair removal treatments.

    IPL and True Laser Hair Removal

    When it comes to permanent hair removal, many people don’t know that there’s a difference between IPL and true laser hair removal.

    IPL hair removal uses a multifunctional platform with multiple different wands to target a variety of conditions, including broken capillaries, collagen building and pigmentation. It’s a cheaper option than true lasers for spas.

    True laser systems, such as Mediostar requires a significant investment. It can take a while for a spa to save up enough to afford a specialist true laser machine, which offers targeted permanent hair removal.

    “I found a spa that offers IPL near me, but what’s the difference?”

    IPL and laser both use light energy which the dark hair pigments absorb. The laser causes damage to the hair follicles, which ultimately destroys the hair root and reduce hair growth.

    Laser’s unique properties include:

    • Unlike ordinary light, laser does not cancel itself out. It is coherent.
    • Laser light waves are parallel and divergent (collimated) which makes it potent. Therefore, almost all the light can be used for hair reduction treatment.
    • Laser light emissions are of the same wavelength (chromatic) which makes them more potent.

    These characteristics make lasers a fantastic tool to selectively target specific chromophores by targeting melanin. The lasers deeply penetrate the target, but it avoids being absorbed by other chromophores.

    IPL is actually not laser at all. In fact, it produces a broad spectrum of wavelengths, similar to a light bulb. IPL cannot be concentrated or focused into a beam to selectively target chromophores.

    The variety of wavelengths that are distributed at different depths makes it difficult for the light to be effectively absorbed into hair follicles. These factors make IPL less effective than true laser hair removal treatment and that is why IPL is much cheaper than true laser hair removal – it is less effective.

    Bradford Skin Clinic for True Laser and IPL Near Me

    If you’re looking for effective permanent hair removal, book a true laser treatment with one of our qualified therapists. Our MeDioStar machine achieves superior results. Many of our clients see a 80% reduction after only four to eight treatments.

    If you still need IPL treatment for capillaries, pigmentation, pore reduction, redness and rosacea, we can help with that, too.

    Call Bradford Skin Clinic and Med Spa today for IPL treatment and true laser hair removal.

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  • Lip Fillers

    Lip FillersIf there’s one thing we truly admire about the leading ladies of the silver screens and the magazines, it’s their plump lips. A full lip is a great way to boost not only your beauty and appearance, but also your confidence.

    Instead of trying dangerous social media fads, consider lip fillers. Professional lip augmentation involves filler injections that increase the volume, symmetry and shape of your lip in order to soften your appearance. Continue reading >

  • Micro-Needling

    Collagen stimulation to remove acne scars

    Micro-NeedlingMicroneedling is an innovative new technology that can help remove acne scars safely and it works effectively for all skin tones. It offers a range of benefits, including: Continue reading >

  • Medical Devices Active Licence Listing (MDALL)

    Does your clinic use approved equipment?


    MDALLFrom time to time, a new fad becomes the rage, and – without thinking – everyone wants a part of it. This is especially true in the field of medical aesthetics, because many clinics would go to great length to achieve some sort of beauty goal. But we’d like to caution our patients against the risks of medical devices and equipment that are not regulated by Health Canada (sometimes used in other clinics). Continue reading >

  • IPL VS a True Laser Hair Removal System

    Weighing up your permanent hair removal options


    IPL vs Laser Hair RemovalWhen clients come to Bradford Skin Clinic, they are often surprised to learn that there is a difference between IPL and laser hair removal.  Laser hair removal making use of a system such as Mediostar is safer, and is really the only suitable tool for hair removal. This PAIN FREE laser is amongst the fastest in the world and the results are amazing.

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