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3 Impacts of Aging on Your Body

aging impacts on the bodyThey say that with age comes experience, and while that is true, time leaves its mark – not only on heart and mind, but also on the body. A lucky few seem to cheat the clock, but once the rest of us reach the ripe old age of thirty-plus, the mirror reveals the nasty truth. Perkiness is replaced by flab and bumpy cellulite replace the once sexy thighs. Let’s not even mention the mummy tummy… (But we will, because we have GREAT news for you this April!)

We can’t turn back the hands of time, but we can fight back against the effects of aging on our skin by making better lifestyle choices and making use of the wonders of technology. That’s right, here at Bradford Skin Clinic, we can provide you with the tips, advice and cosmetic procedures you need to cheat the clock.


The main issues we face as we near middle age, include milia, sagging skin,  and weight gain. Let’s take a look at what can be done about each of those issues.


Aging & Your Body: What to Expect


As you age, long before you start to feel old, your body will start showing signs of aging, including:




No matter how well you have taken care of your skin, you may still develop milia (small white bumps, usually on the cheeks) as you age. Milia are keratin-filled cyst that occur when dead old skin becomes trapped under the surface. They aren’t pimples and don’t look bad, but they often affect people’s confidence.


The good news is that there are many options for dealing with milia, ranging from laser ablation to diathermy, destruction curettage, cryotherapy, retinoids and peels.


Increased Belly Fat


After the age of 30, your body stores fat differently. You start losing some of the subcutaneous fat that sits just below your skin. Your face may seem less plump, but also less supple.


Unfortunately, your visceral fat (padding around the internal organs) increases,  which causes your stomach to protrude more.


Decreased Muscle


Decreased muscle mass usually also occurs at this time. That’s when your lean tissue erodes (atrophy). You could lose up to 5 percent of your muscle mass with each passing decade causing your body to appear more flabby. You can slow down this process by making use of your muscles by sticking to a strict fitness regime.


Sagging Breasts and Buttocks


Over time, female breasts and buttocks can start to sag and that often has a profound impact on the emotions. You will experience sagging no matter what, because gravity is at play. However, you can diminish the effects of sagging by keeping your weight constant and healthy. While breastfeeding does not contribute to ptosis (sagging breasts), keeping your weight steady is not so easy for women, who gain an average of 35 lbs during pregnancy. However, there is hope.


Aging & Your Body: What You Can Do About It


Maintaining a healthy weight is hard, especially after babies and with the fact that our food is depleted from essential nutrition. When you work so hard to stay fit and firm, and you’re left with a few stubborn pounds and saggy skin, it can be a real kick in the booty.


Again, Bradford Skin Clinic has good news.


Introducing TriPollar Non-Invasive Body Contouring System


When you want to tighten your skin and dissolve stubborn fat, but you don’t want to face the risk of surgery and the associated downtime, TriPollar treatment can help transform your body.


  • Does it feel like that last bit of weight is impossible to lose?
  • Want to get rid of that double chin?
  • Do you struggle to get rid of stubborn fatty pockets, despite following a balanced diet and exercising regularly?
  • Are you tired of saggy skin around your tummy after having babies, or losing weight?


TriPollar body contouring treatment uses proprietary 3rd generation radio frequency (RF) technology that overcomes the limitations of older systems to deliver long-lasting and efficient result with immediately visible contouring effects, right from the very first treatment.


Research has shown that TriPollar treatment effectively:


  • contours, rejuvenates and firms up skin
  • reduces the appearance of orange peel or cellulite
  • reduces fatty deposits to sculpt the body
  • reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines


The non-invasive procedure is pain free and pleasant, which makes it safe for peri-orbital and peri-oral areas. It enhances elastin and collagen regeneration, while reducing localized fat.


Reduce the Appearance of Mummy Tummy This April


This April, we’re bringing back our popular Mummy Tummy Treatments. Perfect to get you in shape for summer, TriPollar radiofrequency treatment continues to work for days after your session. Get in touch today to learn more about our Gold Standard TriPollar Technology for skin tightening and how we can help you get your tummy back.


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